Bookish Candles to enrich the reading experience: Now In India!

The last post I wrote was on the first ever magnetic bookmarks in India by The Paper Charm Shop and this time is also a first time kinda thing: Bookish Candles in India launched by Afia of the Whispering Flames

After scrolling through Instagram photos of pretty candles inspired from the world of books with hope in my eyes to buy them someday (when I wasn’t too broke to pay the exorbitant shipping charges) and being able to literally smell them, Whispering Flames came to my rescue!

Afia started with Sarah J Mass inspired books candles and is now making candles related to the Harry Potter World.


CostRs. 200/ candle with shipping charges of  Rs. 50 and Rs. 70 depending upon a the quantity.

The candles are made by soy wax and is vegan. It comes in a colorful metal 4 oz. tin and is different for every theme and is also quite durable (trust me to be clumsy drop it!).


As I was wanted to try them at first because they were somewhat a new idea for me, I ordered only 2 candles.

PackagingThe candles came properly wrapped in bubble wrap in a somewhat demolished parcel but thankfully that didn’t affect the candles! It were packed in separate compartments with lots of strip of colorful paper which looked as it was shredded or something.

Hint: They make for pretty display things and props for bookstagram pictures.

There was also a printed note about the care for the candles and the materials used in it.




First up is everyone’s current book boyfriend from the ACOWAR series.

This looked beautiful! It was all purple and had dotted purple things in the corner. I didn’t click a picture before burning because well, impatience and I had just got home late in the evening and was starving! 😀

But I’d held an unboxing on my story. Follow me here if you want to see more unboxings!

It boasts of smelling of the sea and jasmine and of citrus as well.

I got the hint of the jasmine and the tang of citrus but sadly failed to identify the tones of sea.

Overall it was a good candle but the only thing I wanted more was for the smell to be a bit more stronger.



The High Lady of the Night Court is next on the list.

It was again a beautiful candle. It had a lemon cake yellow colour and reminded me of summer and meadows.

It boasts of smelling of florals and citrus.

I got the distinct tang of the citrus interlaced with the sweet summer flowers in bloom. The smell of this candle was quite strong and I loved burning it while my brother reveled in blowing it off again and again.

I look forward to ordering more candles from Afia in the future from her brand new website. The interface of the website is very simple and easy to use. Also, if anyone has any queries, they can ask Afia here and she is a darling and replies almost always to them immediately.

I can’t wait to order the Harry Potter ones. I’m thinking of ordering them as gifts but I’m pretty sure I’ll keep them for myself 😀


As you can see, I was impatient af hehe!

Ciao until next time!








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