How to find your motivation 101

If you are anything like me and are having exams at the moment, maintaining focus is the biggest-
Oh my! That cat is soo cute. Let’s see her playing the piano for a few minutes which will probably stretch into hours.
Sorry! Maintaining focus is a pain in the arse (please read that in a British accent).

Fret not! Got some ways up my sleeve to help you better concentrate and find your motivation-

1. Keep your phone and other gadgets far far away

This is one of the basic mantras to help you study. Keep your phone on mute and throw it in the abyss. Hell, go a step further and ask your parents to keep it out of your reach and if your parents are unlike mine, they will just confiscate it.  Yes, I’ve written (or typed) unlike mine.

People are lazy. If your phone is out if sight, it is out of mind and even though it is not out of mind, you will probably not get up and get it.

2. Drink lots of water and eat fruitus (fruitus sound cool) 

Instead of eating stupid food with high calorific value, drink loads of water to keep youself refreshed. Fatty foods will just make you feel droopy and since we are the generation of sleepers, it’s better to eat fruits.

Luckily for me, my nani loves chopping fruits for me which I openly detest sometimes, but love on the inside because I’m a lazy bum who won’t cut fruits and rely on ready made food items.

3. Say no to midnight coffee

I love coffee everything- latte, frappe, pastries, ice-cream and I don’t think there is anything else. But fueling your studies with coffee is a no in the long run. Instead, drink water.

4. Listen to relaxing music in between

Listening to your favourite song is good. Hell, I’ll listen to Passionfruit on repeat the whole day. But when you listen to your favourite songs, you tend to sing along with them.

Listen to relaxing sounds like for me they include- sound of waves, violin music and rustling of leaves.

You can audio listen to songs in other languages too like French or Spanish. I find some of the songs to be quite soft and unintelligible.

5. Pin motivational quotes and goals on your board 

This technique is something I’ve seen my sister do. On a board, if you have one, post some motivational quotes that you like and stick the pictures of your goals and ambitions. So whenever you stay from the topic at hand, one glance at the board, and you are right back on track.

You can do the same on your desk!
If all of this doesn’t work, just scroll through some memes and tag me in some of them. Watch a TV series and do some online shopping. Watch YouTube videos and pin some diy ideas on Pintrest which you will never do.

Call up some of your friends and if they tell you that even they haven’t studied anything yet, feel hopeful that you will fail together. Then go cry in your bathroom because you will feel.


Best of luck for your exams!



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