Allied: Ahh or Nah! Movie Review

                                  It’s been a long time since I came around
                                  Been a long time but I’m back in town

                                  This time I’m gonna write something down!

Yeah, no. That didn’t come out as I thought it would.

Hi guys!! I hope you have been doing worse than me. Just kidding! 😛 Nowadays, no one got the time to read anything or to write anything too long. So, this is gonna be a short piece.
There comes a time when you see a movie which makes you sit on the edge of your seats and makes you laugh and cry, basically makes you feel. It makes you stay awake at night, contemplating, while watching the ceiling until sleep at last embraces you. 

*Spoiler Free Review* (only small stuff mentioned)

Allied is that sort of movie. I recently watched this movie and time flew by! I didn’t realize how 2 hours just went by. One minute, I was watching the movie and the next, I was crying like a baby. In between, I was bent forward and trying to anticipate their next moves. 
Allied (Image from google)

This movie is a romantic-thriller, set in the background of World War II (I would watch anything which is set in the backdrop of WWII) and stars Brad Pitt as a Royal Canadian Air Force Intelligence Officer and Marion Cotillard as Marianne Beausejour, a French Resistance fighter. They have to act like a French married couple to carry out a mission, which they might not make out of alive.

Even though they agreed not to let their feelings in the way, they fall hard for each other (Duh! What did you think? It has romance in the list of its genre). Marion Cotillard shines like a diamond and her acting skills are just wonderful. Her acting looks effortless and makes you believe just about anything (her acting as well as singing skills have been recognized). 

I don’t know why people think that Brad Pitt is a brilliant actor. He just looks good and can act a bit. Nothing great shakes. In this movie also, he acted well but compared to Marion Cotillard, he was nothing. Still, I found great chemistry between the two actors.

It is a fast paced movie and if you are in the mood of some old school action, thriller and a more than a bit of romance, give this movie a shot.

This movie has been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Costume Design category as well. Though, I don’t think it will win this one as there are other great movies in this category. 

Until next time, peace!


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