Rambling: I can see the metro floor! *awe*

Hello peeps!

Since this July I have started going to college and everything has changed: Lots of freedom, school bus not coming everyday near my house, new friends and much more (I’ll have to do another post for that 😉 ). To tell you the truth, I’m loving it and not missing school at all 😀 .

Commuting everyday for more than an hour, both ways, everyday can be frustrating sometimes. Sometimes you will see the metro reasonably filled and at other times, security personnel are literally pushing people inside :p .

One day, I was waiting for the metro to arrive and was already getting very late as the previous metro which I had left was way too crowded. As this metro arrived, I was like, “DAMN!” It was crowded till the roof and the door (does that make sense?). Apprehensively , I stepped into the metro and saw that there wasn’t much space  to stand and there wasn’t a single female in sight!

Living in Delhi is scary sometimes. Reading stuff in newspapers and tabloids influence you to a great degree. People have given me lecherous glances and brushed against me deliberately in public. So I was obviously scared but didn’t let it show.

After standing there for a while, a man got up from a seat and another guy, who was standing beside me, offered me to take that seat. I had no problem in standing but that gesture alone was very nice. So, we got to talking and are now happily married. Just kidding! I just said thank you. People can be nice sometimes. Don’t always jump to conclusions.

Another day, I took the same line quite early in the morning and you won’t believe what I saw- the metro floor!

I’ll be back with some more ramblings and obviously some more actual write ups 😀 . Till then, Adios. 


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