Hauz Khas Village: Photo Walk

Hi guys!!

It’s hot, hot, HOT in Delhi and amidst that, like a fool, I decided to go to Hauz Khas Village. And boy, I did not not regret this adventure. I have been planning this trip since forever.

Hauz Khas is not only a great place to shop and eat, there is also the historic Hauz Khas tank, which is under the protection of the Archeological Survey of India and is really beautiful and is spread over a vast area.

Now, Imma gonna be really honest with you; if any one of you write your names or your crush or whoever’s name on the walls of these priceless monuments, then you are an ASSHOLE. I mean, what do you get from defacing these monuments? And please don’t just throw around garbage everywhere you go.

‘Nuff said, I urge you to sit back and enjoy the photos:

My Sister made a guest appearance!Β 

Pigeon photobombed this πŸ˜›

Caught in the moment ^_^
Finally me and my sestra!

Note: All photos are my own πŸ™‚ except this-

Taken by my sister

PS: So many lovers in every nook and cranny made taking photos from the jalis a bit difficult. Or maybe I’m just jealous πŸ˜›
P.P.S: These are all watermarked so as no one steals them and post them as their own any social media site. I don’t think that if I’ve a DSLR, I’m a photographer. I do photography as a hobby.


2 thoughts on “Hauz Khas Village: Photo Walk

  1. Shesha Chaturvedi says:

    πŸ™‚ I love those pictures. Especially the last one, the perspective is great. I agree with you people should STOP scribbling there names and all that crap on such priceless monuments. But then who do that are literate enough only to scribble and not ponder upon the repercussions of their own actions. Enjoying your blogs. πŸ™‚


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